Precision Balance


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Gram(g) 30 x 0.01 60 x 0.02 150 x 0.05
Decimal Ounce(av)(oz) 1.0580 x 0.0005 2.116 x 0.001 5.292 x 0.002
Decimal Pound(av)(lb)      
Troy Ounce(ozt) 0.9645 x 0.0005 1.929 x 0.001 4.822 x 0.002
Pennyweight(dwt) 19.29 x 0.01 38.58 x 0.02 96.45 x 0.05
Carat(ct) 150.00 x 0.05 300.0 x 0.1 750.0 x 0.2
Momme(mom) 8.000 x 0.005 16.00 x 0.01 40.00 x 0.02
Grain Unit(GN) 463.0 x 0.2 926.0 x 0.5 2315 x 1
Tael(H.K General)(tl) 0.7935 x 0.0005 1.587 x 0.001 3.968 x 0.002
Counting Mode Max. count 15,000pcs
Min. unit weight 0.01g
No. of samples 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Percent Mode Min. div. 0.1%
Min.100% weight 1g
Linearity ±0.01g ±0.02g ±0.05g
Repeatability/Std.Dev. 0.01g 0.02g 0.05g
Sensitivity Drift ±20ppm/°C(10°C~30°C/50°F~86°F)
Display Type 7 segment LCD with backlight (character height 16mm)
Display Refresh 10 times/second
Pan size (W) x (D) Ø110mm/4.3inches
Physical Dimensions(mm) 190(W) x 218(D) x 55(H)
Physical Dimensions(inches) 7.5(W) x 8.6(D) x 2.2(H)
Admissible Ambient Temperature –10°C~40°C / 14°F~104°F, less than 85% R.H. (non-condensing)
Weight(approx.) 1.1kg
Calibration Mass(default setting) 150g
Power AC adapter or Ni-MH battery pack (option)
Standard Accessories Manual, AC adapter

Choose the best for your weighing applications from a wider selection. High resolution up to 1/60,000!

A wider selection of capacities & resolutions, and remote-zeroing has been included in a low-profile rugged housing. For years the EK/EW series balances have been top selling products. Now the new EK-i Compact Balances have been designed to continue this tradition with enhanced capacities and resolutions, and EW-i series comes with attractive triple ranges of weighing. All feature RS-232C as standard and are designed to meet weights and measures regulations of various countries (e.g. NTEP, EC).

● Wide selection of 16 different models 30g ~ 12kg
● Large LCD display (16mm height) with backlight – easy to read even at a wide viewing angle or dark environment
● Control zero, mode selection and data output with standard RS-232C
● Triple range weighing for EW-i series
● 9 built-in weighing units plus counting & percentage with user priority start-up
● Counting function with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
● Standard comparator function – HI/OK/LO annunciator
● Full Digital Calibration with optional user definable mass setting
● Conformity to GLP with I.D. and serial number outputs
● Auto Power OFF
● Portable-compact size, lightweight, rugged body
● Sealed key panel protection against dust and spills
● Low profile and small footprint for any space requirement
● Overload protection
● Stainless steel weighing pan
● Easy to install rechargeable Ni-MH battery (Optional)
● Optional underhook weighing for EK-4100i/6100i/6000i/12Ki, EW-12Ki
● Leveling feet and level bubble for accurate weighing
● Security ring to prevent theft