Compact Roundness


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  • RA-2200DS/DH models are supplied as standard with a navigation function*1 that quickly and simply guides the operator through the centering and leveling task, as though the task were being performed by an expert.
  • RA-2200AS/DS models have a column drive height of 11.8″ (300mm), and are available with a column drive height of 19.7″ (500mm) (RA2200AH/DH) for handling taller workpieces.
  • All models can be combined with the basic, side-table system vibration-damping platform or the monitor-arm system vibration-damping platform

Space-saving design

Integrating the system vibration-damping platform has reduced the installation space by approximately 20-40% compared to Mitutoyo’s earlier installation platforms. Additionally, a design with increased layout freedom greatly improves the measurement room utilization rate and measurement efficiency.

Sliding detector-unit holder provided as a standard feature

The detector-unit holder is equipped with a sliding mechanism, enabling one-touch measurement of a workpiece with a deep hole having a thick wall, which has been difficult with the conventional standard arm. The detector-unit holder can be stopped at a position sufficiently higher than the workpiece along the Z-axis, and then lowered and positioned to make measurements. Furthermore, internal/external diameters can be easily measured with the continuous internal/ external diameter measurement function

Safety mechanism provided as a standard feature

A safety mechanism is incorporated into the detector unit area. A collisionsensing function has been added to the detector unit (when it is in the vertical orientation) to prevent collision in the Z-axis direction. Additionally, an accidental collision prevention function, which stops the system when the detector unit displacement exceeds its range, has been added. When an accidental touch is detected, the dedicated analysis software (ROUNDPAK) senses the error and automatically stops the system.

Highly accurate repeat measurements

Mitutoyo’s linear scales are incorporated into the X-axis positioning sensor, directly sensing the displacement of the drive unit to achieve highly accurate positioning, which is essential for repeat measurements.

Partial circle measurement function

Even if a workpiece cannot be measured by physically rotating it by a full turn due to some obstruction (projection), segments of the circumference can be measured.

Measurement through X-axis tracking

Measurement while tracing is possible through a built-in linear scale in the X-axis. This type of measurement is useful when displacement due to form variation exceeds the measuring range of the sensor, and X – a x i s m o t i o n i s necessary to maintain contact with the workpiece surface.

Spiral Measurement/Analysis

The spiral-mode measurement function combines table rotation and rectilinear action allowing cylindricity, coaxiality, and other data to be loaded as a continuous data set.


Centering/leveling adjustment 1*:
Vertical travel:
500 mm
Max. probing Ø:
300 mm
Max. workpiece Ø:
580 mm
Max. turntable loading
Rotational accuracy:
Radial:<br/7>(0,02+0,00035H) µm<br/7>H: Measuring height from turntable surface (mm)
Axial:<br/7>(0,02+0,00035X) µm<br/7>X: Radial distance from center (mm)
Rotational speed:
2, 4, 6, 10 rpm
Max. turntable loading:
30 kg
Centering range:
DS / DH: ±5 mm
AS / AH: ±3 mm
Leveling range:
Vertical column:
Max. probing height:
AS / DS : 300 mm<br/7>AH / DH: 500 mm<br/7>above turntable surface
Max. probing depth:
85 mm (minimum ID : ø32 mm)<br/7>50 mm (minimum ID : ø7 mm)
0.1 µm / 100 mm<br/7>AS / DS : 0.15 µm / 300 mm<br/7>AH / DH: 0.25 µm / 500 mm
Parallelism with rotation center:
AS / DS : 0.7 µm / 300 mm<br/7>AH / DH: 1.2 µm / 500 mm
Horizontal axis:
0.7 µm / 150 mm
Perpendicularity to rotation center:
1 µm / 150 mm
(optional for roughness detection unit)
Optional accessories:
Other optional and standard accessories are listed later in this section for accessories and styli.
Max. probing Ø :
300 mm
Max. workpiece ø:
580 mm
Built-in thermal line printer (optional external printer)