Motorized test stand IMADA


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  • Achieves high repeatability with constant testing speed and position, high rigidity
  • Handles various testings such as durability or compression testings with digital setting of speed, counter function (number of tests to repeat), and timer function (pausing time)
  • Handles a wide range of testing applications to meet your testing requirements with options such as -FA (inner linear scale) and -L (long stroke)
  • Enhances testing efficiency and safety with option -CN (I/O for external signals), allowing for communication for interlock and starting operation, etc.
Model  MX2-2500N 
Capacity  2500N 
Speed Digital 10 to 300mm/min
[10 – 20mm/min: by 0.5mm/min] [20 – 100mm/min: by 5mm/min] [100 – 300mm/min: by 10mm/min]
Max. Sample
Approx. 320mm 
Rigidity [Standard models] less than 0.5mm,
[Long stroke (optional)] less than 1.0mm 
Stroke Limit  Controllable with upper and lower knob
Manual / Jog / Cycle mode
Functions  Counter (number of tests to repeat): Max. 65535 times
Timer (pausing time): Up to 99 min 59 sec 9 (by 0.1 sec)
Control  Emergency stop, force control (*2), overload prevention (*2, *3)
0 to +40 degree Celsius
35 to 70% (avoid condensation)
Voltage  AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz (Select from 100, 120 and 230V. Accessories are provided accordingly.)
Weight  Approx. 26kg 
Accessories Operation manual, power cable, spare fuse, tools
GF-2 (Grip mounting adaptor),
mounting plate for standard force gauge
-L: Extended stroke by 300mm
-CN: External signal input
-S: Length scale
-FA: Inbuilt linear scale
-V75: Speed 2.5 to 75mm/min
-V150: Speed 5 to 150mm/min
Force Gauge
Mechanical Force Gauge: FB, PS, PSM series
Digital Force Gauge: DST, DSV, ZTS, ZTA series (up to 1000N)
Load cell: DPU series (up to 500N *10)
Mechanical Force Gauge: PSH series
Digital Force Gauge: ZTS, ZTA series (Over 2500N)

*1 Max. sample height refers to the distance between the table and the tip of force gauge measuring shaft when the head is at the top.
(MX2-500N/MX2-1000N: up to 1000N model of ZTS/ZTA series, MX2-2500N/MX2-5000N: With over 2500N model of ZTS/ZTA series
is mounted.)
*2 ZTS/ZTA series force gauge and optional cable CB-528 are required.
*3 It does not guarantee complete protection against overloading.
*4 Add the option code after the model name to complete the model with options.
e.g. When adding long stroke option to MX2-500N … Model: MX2-500N-L
*5 Capacity is reduced as below by some speed change options.
MX2-500N: -V600 capacity 250N, –V900 capacity 150N MX2-1000N:-V750 capacity 500N, –V1000 capacity 250N
*6 Amplifier such as ZTA and FA Plus2 (sold separately) or software are required to record measuring value of linear scale.
*7 Additional charge for wooden packing (Japan domestic shipping) or LVL wooden packing (oversea shipping) are required for shipping.
*8 The stroke does not extend. It extends the column of test stand and max. sample height is approx. 580mm.
*9 Ensure to use within the capacity of force gauge and test stand regardless of the mountable models.
*10 Mounting block (sold separately) is required to mount over 1000N range of DPU to MX2-1000N/MX2-2500N/MX2-5000N.