Type 1
QVH Apex 404

QVH Apex 404

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  • The QV HYBRID TYPE 1 is a hybrid measuring machine that has a vision measurement function and can use the scanning function of its non-contact displacement sensor to measure very small steps and curved surfaces at high speeds.
  • Mitutoyo’s proprietary double-pinhole technique is used for the displacement sensor’s detection method. Compared to the knife-edge and triangulation techniques, this method has the advantage of lower laser directivity.
  • Because a focusing point method is used, the QV HYBRID TYPE 1 has the advantage that it is minimally affected by factors such as the color of the workpiece.
  • The small laser spot diameter of approximately 2µm makes it possible to perform measurements with high horizontal resolution.
  • The displacement sensor alone has a wide measuring range of ±0.5 mm, which makes it possible to perform form measurements with a wide dynamic range. For displacements outside this range, scanning can be performed by moving the Z-axis.
  • This model (excluding QV ACCEL and QV STREAM PLUS type) can support ISO 10360-7:2011 guaranteed accuracy (specifications on request).

Enhanced functionality by multi-probe use – the ideal solution to meet the customer’s needs

Touch Trigger Probe

Quick Vision Series models can also use touch-trigger probes to support measurement of workpiece features that cannot be inspected with vision alone. This capability is also useful when the most precise height measurements are required.

Laser Probe

Utilizing this non-contact displacement sensor that uses a laser focusing point method, the Quick Vision Series can use its scanning function to measure very small steps and curved planes at high speed.

CPS Probe

Thanks to its wavelength confocal format, non-contact displacement sensor that uses the epaxial chromatic aberration of the white light source, the Quick Vision Series can use its scanning function to measure very small steps and curved planes at high speed.

Highly functional lighting for positive edge detection and automatic measurements

Tracking Auto Focus (TAF)

The TAF feature focuses continuously, adjusting to changes in the height of the object being measured. Automatic tracking of surface waves and warpage (in the Z-axis height direction) improves measurement throughput. The feature also cuts out the hassle of focusing during manual measurement, reducing the work burden for measuring system operators.

Programmable Ring Light (PRL)

Changing the positions of the two curved mirrors sets the ring light’s obliquity to any chosen value between 30° and 80°.
This is effective for enhancing the edges of inclined surfaces or very small steps.
Furthermore, the PRL light’s illumination can be controlled independently in every direction, front and back, right and left.
This makes it possible to configure highly variable lighting settings to match measurement locations.

High-Performance Multi-Auto Focus

The QV Series is equipped with a high-performance image auto focus function as standard. Image auto focus is used to guarantee accuracy.
Thanks to the availability of various auto focus tools, the optimal focus for each surface texture and measured feature can be selected, which
makes it possible to perform highly reliable height measurements.
Furthermore, auto focus operates at high speed, which increases total measurement throughput.


Accuracy conforming to ISO10360-7

Some models in the Quick Vision Series support the ISO10360-7 guaranteed accuracy specifications. Contact Mitutoyo for details on applicable models.

Multi-Function Control Box

This multi-function control box has been developed for maximum ease of use.


Model No. QVH Apex 404
Range X-axis 0-16in 0-400mm
Range Y axis 0-16in 0-400mm
Range/laser (type1/type2) X-axis 276 / 262mm11 / 10.5”
Y-axis 400 / 395mm16 / 15.5”
Range Z-axis 0-10in 0-250mm
Accuracy/vision E1XY-(1.5+3L/1000)µm
Accuracy/laser E2xy (2.5+4L/1000µm)