RA-2200 CNC AH

RA-2200 CNC AH

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Detector unit orientation programmable for CNC measurement

This function controls the orientation of the arm holding the detector unit (between vertical and horizontal) and the detector unit rotation mechanism (between 0 and 290 degrees in 1-degree increments), making it possible to continuously and automatically measure internal/ external diameters as well as top/bottom surfaces. Additionally, a full-featured offline teaching function simplifies the creation of part programs.

Simple and accurate centering and leveling of the workpiece

The system comes standard with the A.A.T. (Automatic Adjustment Table) positioning and leveling function, freeing the operator from the task of centering and leveling the workpiece.

Roughness detector unit support

When an optional roughness detector unit is incorporated into the system it can measure workpiece surface roughness in the circumferential direction around the q-axis, as well as roughness in the directdrive directions along the X- and Z-axes with the table stopped.

Highly accurate turntable

The table provides high rotational accuracy (radial 0.02+3.5H/10000 μm; axial 0.02+3.5X/10000 μm), enabling the system to measure flatness and other characteristics, in addition to roundness/cylindricity, at a level that suits any application.

Space-saving design

Integrating the system vibration-damping platform has significantly reduced the installation space requirements. Additionally, any layout can be achieved by combining the system with a PC table.

Highly accurate positioning sensor

A Mitutoyo linear scale is incorporated into the X-axis positioning sensor, directly sensing the displacement of the drive unit to achieve highly accurate positioning, which is essential for repeat measurements. Furthermore, continual development has resulted in the highest drive speed within the class while achieving high accuracy even at high positioning speeds.


Centering/leveling adjustment 1*:
Vertical travel:
500 mm
Max. probing Ø :
256 mm
Max. workpiece ø:
580 mm
Max. turntable loading
Rotational accuracy:
Radial:<br/7>(0,02+0,00035H) µm<br/7>H: Measuring height from turntable surface (mm)
Axial:<br/7>(0,02+0,00035X) µm<br/7>X: Radial distance from center (mm)
Rotational speed:
2, 4, 6, 10 rpm
Max. probing Ø:
256 mm
Max. workpiece Ø:
580 mm
Max. turntable loading:
30 kg
Centering range:
±3 mm
Leveling range:
Vertical column:
Max. probing height:
AH: 500 mm<br/7>above turntable surface
Max. probing depth:
104 mm (minimum ID : ø32 mm)<br/7>26 mm (minimum ID : ø12.7 mm)
AS / AH : 0.1 µm / 100 mm<br/7>AH : 0.25 µm / 500 mm
Parallelism with rotation center:
AH : 1.2 µm / 500 mm
Horizontal axis:
Perpendicularity to rotation center:
1 µm / 150 mm
(optional for roughness detection unit)
Built-in thermal line printer (optional external printer)