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The most appropriate Table-top SEM for the surface inspection with 10,000x of magnification which is main inspection range by SEM
Entry-level Table-top SEM with 15nm resolution & 60,000x magnification.

SE (Secondary Electron)
▷ Create images with the height level informaiton. Mostly used for surface inspection

BSE(BackScattered Electron)
▷ Create images with material information(Elements)

Convenient stage movement by 3-axis and able to operate easily and conveniently with mouse control in U.I
Able to check and save both SE/BSE Images together at the same time with dual view mode


Resolution 15nm (30kV, SE Image)
20nm (30kV, BSE Image)
Magnification 20x~60,000x
Accelerating Voltage 1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
Detector Secondary Electron Image(SE)
Backscattered Electron Image(BSE)
Electron Gun Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
Stage Traverse 3-axis System (X, Y, R, Z, T – Manual)
X, Y-axis : 35mm / R-axis : 360°
* Image Shift : ±150μm
* CCD Camera installed in the Chamber
* T-axis : 0 to 45˚ (Option)
Max. Sample Size 70mm in Diameter x 30mm in Height
Automation Function Auto Start, Auto Focus,
Auto Stigmator, Auto Contrast & Brightness
Image Format BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Vacuum Mode High & Low Vacuum
Vacuum Pump Rotary Pump / Turbo Molecular Pump (Full Automation)
Main Unit 390(W)x380(D)x560(H)mm, 83kg
Controller Unit 390(W)x325(D)x560(H)mm, 37kg
Rotary Pump 400(W)x160(D)x340(H)mm, 24kg
EDS System
Ion Sputter Coater