X-ray Machine

X-eye 5000N



100 – 130 kV / 200 uA


5 µm/6 µm

Table Size

460 X 340 mm (option 550 X 550 mm)


X, Y, Z, Tilt (±50º)


2.5 inch FPXD Or 5 inch FPXD

CT Function

Not available


1,220(W) x 975(D) x 1,490(H)mm



High Speed 2D X-ray Machine

Small Focal Closed X-ray Tube 100kV-130kV and X-ray Camera deliver high resolution images. Measurement function is integrated and the desk has more space due to the tiltable X-ray Camera
Convenience in use and maintenance is a primary concern of our customers.
It is possible to customize the configuration with detailed technical requirements according to customer wishes.

  • Non-destructive analysis of semiconductor, SMT, and electron/electric components
  • Inspection S/W is able to be installed for mass production of SMT and electron/electric components
  • Various convenient functions – Ease of use



Camera Module




SEC is the best inspection system company developing & selling industrial X-ray inspection system and SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope).We develop and offer linear accelerator and semiconductor packaging system for LCD driver IC as well.

Since established in 1991, based on over 20 years of accumulated technical know-how, we have been continuously developing backbone of e-beam inspection equipment in Korea.
SEC has its own competitiveness against global companies by continuously localizing X-ray generater and developing new technologies.

Also, go through continuous technology development and aware of the current economic and technological environment, we will continue to constantly challenged to expand business area and move into the future Global Leader.
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